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Top HVAC Training Schools in Alaska

Although some choose on the job training as a journeyman, others will seek a formal education through nationally or regionally accredited colleges, universities or trade schools. Formal education can offer a solid foundation to begin an HVAC career. Even after licensing, HVAC personnel still must complete continued education in approved training programs as required by Alaska’s Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.

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Certification for HVAC personnel is licensing. At Alaska, licensing is regulated by The Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. There are two choices for applying for a license; examination or credentials. The educational requirements are the same for either choice.

Education can be from a nationally or regionally accredited college, university or trade school. Or education can be obtained from on the job training as a journeyman. Formal education from accredited schools must have the degree verified. Journeyman training programs require Certificates in Support of Applicant’s Experience and Qualifications from 3 individuals who have knowledge of work experience and qualifications.

Licensing can be obtained by examination process or verification of credentials. Currently, examinations are administered by PSI Exams ( Credentials require having an out of state active license and verification of passed examination from another state.

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Salaries for HVAC Technician Jobs in Alaska

Salaries for HVAC Technicians at Alaska are above the national average per Salary medians vary based upon location and job demands. Below is a list of median salaries based on locations.

• Anchorage $45,856
• Fairbanks $44,775
• Juneau $46,140
• Palmer $43,866
• Sitka $38,038
• Wasilla $45,212

How to Get Certified in Alaska

Continued education training classes are a licensing requirement with The Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. Approved training programs and classes can be found on their website. Below is a list of the approved training programs and classes:

• Alaska CEU, online course - Fairbanks
• Alaska Craftsman Home Program, Anchorage
• Alaska Mechanical Contractors Association, Inc. (Mechanical Contractors of 
Alaska), Anchorage
• All Star Training, Inc., online courses – Addison, Texas.
•, online courses – Tulsa, Oklahoma
• Mechanical Sales, Inc., Anchorage
• Proctor Sales, Inc., Anchorage
• Rehau Academy, online courses – Leesburg, Virginia
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