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Top HVAC Training Schools in Atlanta

Choosing the right school to earn a degree in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) is an important step in pursuing a career in the field. There are several schools in the Atlanta area that are accredited for teaching students to become technicians and managers in the HVAC field. Many of these schools offer both day and night classes to help accommodate students with busy schedules. It typically takes seven months to complete an HVAC training program while attending daytime classes; night classes often require a nine-month commitment. Accredited schools that offer on-site EPA certification are the most convenient because on-site testing and certification can speed the employment process. hvac training image1

How to Get Certified in Atlanta

In order to work as an HVAC technician, the EPA requires certification known as EPA Section 608 Certifications. There are four different types of certification as well as a Universal certification for students who pass all portions of the exam successfully. Those who successfully complete the core section in addition to one of the three individual sections can be certified for specific work. Type I allows professionals to service small appliances including AC window units and domestic refrigerators. Type II permits technicians to work in residential air conditioning and the supermarket refrigeration field; this certification is specific to handling high-pressure refrigerant. Type III certifies professionals to work with equipment such as chillers which use low-pressure refrigerant. The EPA certification test is broken into four sections of 25 questions each, and 18 of the 25 must be correct in each section to gain certification.

Salaries for HVAC Technician Jobs in Atlanta

According to Indeed, the average salary for an HVAC tech working in the Atlanta area is $59,000 which is $11,000 more than the Georgia average. HVAC technicians are typically paid hourly, and income varies based on different jobs and markets within the HVAC field. Commercial HVAC technicians are paid the lowest within the industry while sales representatives, particularly those in the residential sector, have the greatest average salaries, often exceeding $60,000 annually.

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