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Top HVAC Training Schools in Cleveland

HVAC schools and programs are available within Cleveland, Ohio for those who are interested in the field to take advantage of. These programs are designed to provide students with the education, hands-on training, and certification that they need in order to land a job and become a successful HVAC mechanic and installation technician. Accredited tech schools and colleges will help you to excel in excellence when becoming an HVAC technician. hvac training image1

Find Accredited HVAC Training Schools in Cleveland

There are two accredited HVAC schools located in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. This includes the HVAC Career Training Center and Vatterott College. With HVAC technicians and installers expected to grow rapidly in demand over the next few years, these training schools can help you to start off on the path to success in becoming a certified technician. Accredited schools ensure that your certifications and degrees are accepted by the state and provide you with all training and knowledge that is needed in becoming a technician within the HVAC field.

HVAC Certification Cleveland

HVAC certification in Cleveland provides you with all of the training that you need in the field to obtain accredited certification. This includes courses in computer diagnostics, fundamental electricity, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and mathematics. Graduates obtaining certification in various HVAC programs will possess the skills needed for both residential and commercial employment opportunities.

Salaries for HVAC Technician Jobs in Cleveland

The salary for a level one HVAC technician may vary depending upon your certification or type of degree and your prior experience in the field. The average annual salary for a level one HVAC technician in Cleveland, Ohio is around $41,000 while the low average salary is $30,000 and the high is $54,000. Technicians may also receive bonuses and benefits that add to their average annual salary.

HVAC Training Classes in Cleveland
The HVAC Career Training Center offer HVAC programs in Air Conditioning, EPA Certification, Heating, and Refrigeration. Vatterott College offers programs in Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical, and Refrigeration.

The need for technicians with knowledge in residential, commercial and industrial climate-control systems continues to rise over the years as the population grows and buildings are established. These accredited tech schools will help students land HVAC job opportunities after graduation.

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