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Top HVAC Training Schools in Connecticut

A school's accreditation is public knowledge, so while looking for a school, make sure to check whether it is accredited in the area you are interested in. The majority of organizations which offer HVAC training are accredited in that state, but they might not be nationally accredited. If you plan to move to another state and use your certification there, make sure the facility you train at offers national accreditation.
hvac training image1 Connecticut requires certification in a range of areas before an individual can provide full HVAC services. Their certification ranges from B-1 to S-10, with a variety of certifications in between. An HVAC technician must possess one of these licenses: D-2 HVAC Journeyperson, S-4 Limited HVAC & Piping Journeyperson, S-2 Unlimited HVAC & Piping Journeyperson, or an apprenticeship with a certified technician. Only after obtaining this certification can an individual be considered a full-fledged technician.

Salaries for HVAC Technicians in Connecticut

For most HVAC technicians in the Connecticut area, salaries tend to be in the mid to high 50,000 dollar range. However, for a journeyman, the salary may be as low as $43,000. On the other hand, for HVAC Technicians – Other, a term encompassing a wide range of more specialized services, the salary can be as high as $76,000. However, for standard HVAC Technicians with no specializations, the salary is a flat $48,000.

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