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HVAC Certification Test

To become an HVAC technician, you must pass a certification exam. There are several versions of the exam, some of which focus more on 'green' techniques and others on the more technical side of the test. Which one to take is up to you, as both have their benefits. There is no harm in taking more than one certification exam, as the more areas you are qualified to work in, the more likely it will be that you fit a customer's specific needs.

Preparing for the Exam

No matter which exam you choose to take, you should study and train ahead of time. Know the material you will be tested over, and practice working with the specific tools and instruments the hands-on exam will cover. Online training courses can help you prepare if you don't feel you're ready. You can also seek out technical classes at local universities and technical schools.

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Choosing Your HVAC Certification Test

There are several organizations that conduct the HVAC certification exams, and each gives a different certification. In order to determine which test you want to take, you should research beforehand what each certification covers and which one best fits your desires. The North American Technician Excellence board has one of the top programs in the country and is highly sought after. NATE, as they are sometimes called, also offer training courses that cover every aspect of the industry and are some of the best choices for a technician to pursue in order to become certified.

The Test

The examination can be conducted online but is more commonly given at a local venue where many different HVAC technicians come in to obtain their certification. Depending upon the state you take the certification exam in, it may be conducted by a pre-certified technician, the state electrical board, or a regulations committee. The manner in which the exam is conducted is based upon the laws of the state. The night before the exam, take the time to look over any material you may be unsure about. Make sure to get a good nights' sleep so you'll be prepared to take it.

Employers require an HVAC certification before they hire a technician. However, any certification will suffice – the specific certification obtained rarely matters. However, having more than one certification is an indicator to employers that you are a hard worker and ambitious, and increases your chances of landing the job.