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HVAC Online Programs

Abundant educational opportunities exist for those interested in an HVAC career. Potential students can take classes through a traditional accredited school or via sponsored apprenticeship programs. Both of these options, however, require a commitment of time and flexibility of schedule that may not fit everyone's lifestyle. Enter online HVAC training programs designed for interested students who need an alternative way to earn HVAC certification.

The presence of qualified, online, HVAC certification programs has increased in the past few years as more accredited institutions have made coursework available over the internet. In many instances, the cost of these online programs is substantially less than those for traditional training programs. Potential students also like the idea of being able to work on coursework at their own pace, in their own time. However, when choosing online programs for HVAC certification, it is important to discriminate between them by considering the answers to the following questions:

  • Is this program accredited through state or national agencies?
  • Will this program lead to certification in the HVAC industry?
  • Will graduates of this program be able to find entry-level jobs upon completion of coursework?
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How Online HVAC Programs Work

While online programs have obvious benefits to meet time and flexibility needs, others may wonder how in-depth they are compared to traditional classes or training. Online programs use a variety of methods to impart knowledge to students so that they are prepared for certification exams and job expectations. The following are examples of activities students might encounter:

  • Use of video lectures and online tutorials.
  • Video conferencing with instructors and classmates.
  • Simulations using real-life experiences for demonstration and practice.
  • Connections with HVAC employers for training experiences.

HVAC online programs typically last between six months to two years. Depending on their program, students will earn a certificate of completion or a diploma. At this point, the HVAC student will also be ready to take the national HVAC certification exam.

Examples of HVAC Online Programs

The following are examples of accredited HVAC online programs. The minimum time for completion of coursework is six months and students earn career diplomas or certificates of completion. Coursework prepares the HVAC student for the EPA Section 608 exam or other national HVAC certification tests.

Ashworth College: Ashworth HVAC Online
Penn Foster Career School: Penn Foster Online
Ed2go Career Training Center: Ed2go HVAC Online