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Lincoln Tech NJ: Technologies That Can Help Enhance your HVAC Training

As climate change brings about drastic environmental changes, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) experts are in higher demand than ever. Because of this increased demand, Lincoln Tech NJ, which has been providing HVAC training since 1946, strives to provide a high quality education to students interested in entering the field.

Lincoln's program includes Green Technology, environmentally friendly alternatives to heating and cooling systems, as well asqualification to use Geothermal and Solar Thermal technologies. The curriculum at Lincoln tech NJ includes advanced technologies that can help enhance your HVAC training and increase your marketability to employers. 

HVAC Career Outlook

Especially with climate change affecting the area, New Jersey has faced some extreme weather patterns in the past few years. This has caused issues with HVAC systems all over the state. The demand for HVAC professionals is expected to grow by 19% each year; this means that 3000 jobs are expected to open up in New Jersey in the next seven years. Needless to say, HVAC students need to be trained on the right equipment, and Lincoln tech NJ provides just that. 

HVAC Careers Are Growing

When looking for a career, most people try to strike a balance between their passions and a career with opportunities. It is ideal to choose a career that is growing rather than on the decline. HVAC careers are a perfect opportunity to find a job that can't be taken over by computers or sent overseas. Especially with the changing climate, individuals will always need professionals to help warm and cool their homes. The expected growth for HVAC professionals across the country is 67,000 jobs by 2024. In New Jersey, 3000 jobs are expected.

HVAC Jobs Can't Be Outsourced

Air conditioning

HVAC careers can't be sent overseas because they require hands-on technical expertise. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning span across all seasons. Residential climate control, industrial settings, new home construction, offices, and more all need HVAC professionals to help keep people comfortable year round. Green Technology is another factor that encourages growth in the HVAC field as people and business become more environmentally conscious.

Partnership with Homeshare USA

In 2016, Homeshare USA, an industry leader in home repair services, entered a job shadowing partnership with Lincoln Tech NJ. This program gives students a chance to work on the job with HVAC professionals and to learn about careers with Homeshare USA. Homeshare USA has an impressive relationship with their customers, and their retention rate is 82%. Lincoln Tech students benefit from the job shadowing experience not just because they get hands-on experience, but they also have the opportunity to work on their customer relations skills in a real world setting.

Many homeowners now live in houses built decades ago. Homeshare USA strives to help homeowners with problems such as waterline breaks, HVAC system repairs, sewer blockages, and electrical wiring repairs. Homeshare USA has the goal of helping homeowners put an end to these inconveniences while improving national infrastructure.

Be Your Own Boss

Many graduates of Lincoln Tech NJ go on to start their own businesses. Nearly 1000 HVAC positions open up every year between New York and New Jersey, and the growth rate in New Jersey is 19%. The hands-on training lays a perfect foundation for small business owners. Frost Heating and Air Conditioning, Arctic Air in Old Bridge, and Ultra Air in Belville are examples of businesses run by Lincoln Tech alumni. 

Training & Certification

Lincoln Tech NJ was chosen as a School of Distinction in 2012 for its ability to make sure students are prepared for graduation. Lincoln tech has partnered with Yellow Jacket, a leading supplier of US manufactured HVAC equipment. Lincoln Tech has some of the most up-to-date equipment in the country, ensuring students will receive exceptional training. 

Yellow Jacket Room

Students can use the lab dubbed the "Yellow Jacket Room" to test their knowledge on Yellow Jacket equipment in a safe, controlled setting. Given this equipment, students are allowed to troubleshoot and feel more confident with the knowledge they are given at graduation. Richie Engineering helps properly train students to use HVAC equipment. The Ingenuity of Richie Engineering combined with the long history of training at Lincoln tech NJ gives students the experience they need to enter the field upon graduating.

On-Campus GreenHouse 

There is a now a greater demand for energy-efficient technological advances than ever before. Energy auditing, geothermal heating systems, and sustainable energy are factors that go into making the HVAC field more environmentally friendly, If you want to be noticed by employers, it's important to learn the various skills that go into green energy.

Lincoln Tech NJ has an energy auditing training building as part of its curriculum. After they have developed a basic understanding of HVAC technology and science, students can begin training in these structures to simulate procedures they would perform in a real situation on the job.

Students can expect to work in these structures after about their eighth class. Some procedures they will learn are:

  • How to test duct work in walls and ceilings
  • How to use thermal energy to check for leaks
  • How to make recommendations on where insulation should be installed

Highly Qualified Teachers

The teachers at Lincoln Tech are highly qualified and have years of experience in their field. Out of only 69 certified HVAC educators in the country, 19 of them teach at Lincoln Tech.

HVAC Certifications

The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating Technology Certificate is offered at Lincoln Tech, NJ. Students can also earn the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certificate after they graduate. Having this certification can make graduates more marketable to employers.

Tools and Technology

Man worker

Students at Lincoln Tech NJ get the opportunity to work with various technologies that will help them further their career. Air conditioning, energy and heating programs use energy auditing, which finds the source of energy loss and provides solutions for correcting the problems. Many classes use thermal-imaging cameras, which check for energy efficiency.

Classrooms are set up with labs that include walk-in freezers, central air systems, furnaces, and facilities that replicate duct work. Simutech software helps students learn to troubleshoot using simulations that recreate problems that might occur at work. Students receive toolkits that give them the necessities for their studies.

Lincoln Tech NJ HVAC Training Programs

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology Certificate

Lincoln Tech NJ offers an Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology program that can be taken during the day or the evening. One of the primary goals of the modern Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry is environmental sustainability, which means many of the outdated systems in older buildings needs to be updated. Newer systems focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and comfortable indoor spaces.

The objective of the HVAC program at Lincoln Tech is to introduce students to Green Technology and how it applies to HVAC systems. Students are taught how to troubleshoot, service, and repair Residential HVAC systems. Students are also encouraged to get Environmental Protection Agency testing.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are given the skills necessary to succeed as an HVAC technician. With more experience, Some students may go on to work independently, supervise others, or start their own business. Graduates may also choose to specialize in a certain field, including refrigeration, heating, or air conditioning. These are just a few skills students will learn:

  • Basic Refrigeration Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electricity
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Green technology
  • Energy efficiency

Program Accreditations 

There are many factors that go into choosing the right school for you: cost, programs offered, and area, for example. But one of the most important parts of choosing a school is the reputation. Choosing a school that has been recognized by other organizations can help you feel more confident about your decision and what you decide to do when you graduate.

HVAC excellence is an organization that uses education to validate the industry's competency. When a school has the HVAC excellence seal of approval, you can be sure that the program is excellent. HVAC Excellence only chooses a select few schools to accredit, and Lincoln Tech NJ is one of them. In order to receive this accreditation, Lincoln tech conducted evaluations in many areas at their schools, including faculty, curriculum, student facilities, and others.

Lincoln Tech has also been awarded the title "School of Distinction" by the Green Mechanical Council. The training at Lincoln is geared towards teaching students about sustainability in addition to their standard HVAC training. This includes Sustainable Technology and Green Concepts, which help students keep up with the changing times so that they will be prepared to enter the field.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is an industry that will be in demand for a long time to come. The HVAC program at Lincoln Tech combines environmental sustainability with the tools students require to find employment when they graduate. When students attend the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology program at Lincoln Tech NJ, they can enter a growing field with confidence. Contact Lincoln Tech today for more information on the program.