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Top HVAC Training Schools in New Mexico

HVAC Technicians gain certification through education and on the job training. A combination of both training programs and hands-on experience are required in order to apply for the required state licensing. Accredited HVAC schools and community colleges can prepare students for certification and licensing.

Acquiring HVAC Technicians must obtain the education and training necessary to apply for licensing and for passing the required examinations. There are no materials supplied to review for the examination, training or educational classes. Specific reference material is permitted to be used during the exams and can be purchased through the online contractor’s bookstore located online.
hvac training image 1 HVAC Technicians are required to be licensed in the state of New Mexico. Part of the licensing includes two examinations; one on business law and the other on HVAC trade. The exams are 100 questions each with a time limit of 3 hours to complete. A passing percentage of 75 is required. In addition, licensed HVAC Technicians must complete 5 hours of continued education every two years as part of the renewal process. Continued education classes can be obtained through training programs and community colleges. Some of these classes may be applied towards an undergraduate degree. Please check with training schools to see if their training programs apply.

Salaries for HVAC Technician Jobs in New Mexico

Salaries for HVAC Technician jobs in New Mexico are below the national average according to Rosewell and Clovis have the lowest median annual salary range of $28,267 to $35,137. However, Albuquerque and Santa Fe have the highest median annual salary range of $42,989 to $45,443. Salary difference can be attributed to population and general competitiveness for HVAC Technicians.

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