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Best HVAC Training Schools in New York

New York has a great need for HVAC technicians and has a vast number of schools to supply these professionals. You can undergo training to earn certification in programs across the state.
hvac training image 1 You can find many accredited schools in New York City, as well as in the rest of New York. These institutions offer two-year associate degrees. Some curricula specifically address different areas of HVAC technology, but others cover a broader selection of subjects.

Some institutions upstate include SUNY programs in Delhi, Erie Community College - North Campus, and the Canton-Camino School of Engineering Technology. Meanwhile, in the city, you can earn your credentials with programs at Apex Technical School Inc., Harlem School of Technology, the Mechanics' Institute, The Refrigeration Institute, and The School of Technical Cooperative Education.

Many other schools exist in the rest of New York state as well.

How to Get Certified in New York

New York does not require an HVAC technician to obtain statewide licensure, as such a thing does not exist. However, as an HVAC technician, you may well need to acquire local licensure in order to act as an independent contractor or small business owner in your area. Research the requirements put forth by your local government. If you attend school in an area near to where you intend to work, the school will likely have the information you need. They may also help you to acquire your licensure so that you may graduate a fully certified HVAC technician.

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