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Top HVAC Training Schools in North Carolina

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Is fast moving field that has the potential of earning you a good income. If you are in NC, then here are some great resources that you can use to get you started.

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NC has a long list of schools that you can choose from. Here are the resources that you can use to find a program that suits your needs. is the first place you can go to find out if a college in your area offers the certification that you need. NC College finder is just a first stop from there you can choose from and contact the colleges to you deem fit to your lifestyle. is another website that can help you out. This website can also help you in the planning and financial aid portions of getting ready for college. 

How to Get Certified in North Carolina. 

The best certification to have is NATE (North American Technical Excellence). Many schools across the state have incorporated this certification into their program. One example is Wake Technical Community College located in Raleigh NC. They offer the certification and it incorporates in their degree program. They even provide the testing if you are registered in the classes.

Salaries of HVAC Technician Jobs North Carolina.

The salaries range a bit in this sort of field. They highly depend on the experience of the person and their work history. The average pay, though, is $19.76 Hourly, and $41,100 yearly. It can range much higher than that. HVAC technicians is a self-regulated field. If you are willing to put in more time then your salary will affect that. 

HVAC Training and HVAC Schools in North Carolina

HVAC is a good starting point to find the classes or degree that is right for you. They specialize in finding HVAC schools. Your local community college should be your next step. They can get you in the right programs that will build your experience. If you still can not find a school that fits your needs then you can go to state board of refrigeration examination.

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