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Top HVAC Training Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has the best of both worlds: great summers and snowy winters. The perfect climate for an HVAC technician. hvac training image1 There is only one accredited HVAC school in Rhode Island, the New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich. Fortunately, the NEIT program is diverse, and the training you receive in their variety of classes will leave you satisfied with your degree.

NEIT is a private, not-for-profit institute. They offer an Associate in Science in Refrigeration/Air Conditioning/Heating Technology. Two departments work jointly to provide training for the degree, the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Department and the Heating Department. The program strives to educate students in both the theoretical and practical foundations of the HVAC trade.

Specifically, you may expect to learn about the physics of heat transfer and its effects throughout various types of technological systems. You will also learn the mechanical and electrical systems in place that power the energy which conducts heat transfer throughout your installations.

How to Get Certified in Rhode Island

Those who graduate from the New England Institute of Technology will be prepared to take qualifying exams necessary for state certification. The state of Rhode Island has a graduated system of certification for its HVAC technicians. You will likely begin as a Pipefitter Journeyperson - Class II or a Refrigeration Journeyperson - Class II.

In order to qualify to apply for these qualifications, you must be registered with a state-approved apprenticeship program. Two years of enrollment at an accredited institution, namely NEIT, may be deducted from overall time spent within the apprenticeship program. Other qualifications include demonstrated knowledge of various systems, as well as of the state building codes and other related expertise.

Both of the Class II licenses are limited. Through further training, one may achieve an unlimited Class I license, and from there move on to Master certification.

Salaries for HVAC Technician Jobs Rhode Island

HVAC technicians in Rhode Island earn a salary of around $45,000, from a range of $36,000-$85,000. There is significant room for advancement within the industry, as you move from apprentice to service technician to project manager, or as you advance in your self-employment.

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