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Top HVAC Training Schools in Wyoming

There is a need in today’s society for proper technicians who are trained in the install and repair of heating and air conditioning units. HVAC training can be found at local community colleges as well as accredited four-year institutions throughout the state of Wyoming. These schools are able to provide the books, classroom study, and certifications necessary to have a smooth transition into a successful career as an HVAC technician. Below are some of the specifics regarding the state of HVAC training and technicians within the state of Wyoming. hvac training image1 There are many options for HVAC training within the state of Wyoming. Here are a few of the acclaimed programs available to interested candidates:

1) Laramie County Community College

The HVAC/R degree program at Laramie is assembled accordingly for prospective students who are in pursuit of obtaining the skills and foundation needed to becoming a successful technician. This specific course layout and all of its extensive classes will focus on installation and repair along with outside knowledge of electrical and thermal topics essential to the job at hand. This program and its key components are the foundations needed to advance directly to the workforce upon completion.

2) Redstone College

The HVAC program at Redstone focuses on the core training aspects necessary to get you installing and repairing heating and air conditioning units in less than 20 months. Redstone is renowned for state of art facilities that put the student in “real life” situations when going through the training for their HVAC certification.

Salaries for HVAC Technician Jobs

Salaries for HVAC technicians, based on surveys taken, show that the salary range for a professional in this field ranges from 35,000 to 42,000 based on skill and knowledge of the various products and standards surrounding heating and air conditioning technology.

HVAC Training and HVAC Schools in Wyoming

HVAC contractor licensing and certification is not done specifically by the state of Wyoming but rather by the local counties and jurisdictions within the state where the main work of the contractor will be done. There is more information that can be found about these rules and regulations on the Wyoming Business council’s website or by going to the Village Hall of most towns and municipalities.

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